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Barry Bonds
Mitt Romney
Rupert Murdoch
Santa Claus
Pearl Harbor
Robert Mugabe
Ron Paul
Benazir Bhutto
Hillary Clinton
Oprah Winfrey
Von Maur
Heisman Trophy
Wall Street Journal
Georgia Tech
Salvation Army
Merrill Lynch
Aston Villa
Northern Rock
Philip Pullman
Wake Forest
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    Have you ever searched for something on a search engine and been startled at the results? They're not what you were expecting but are somehow really funny. Ever got book recommendations from Amazon are uncanny but just don't fit any normal line of human reasoning?

Those moments were the inspiration for this site, What happens when you trust computers to make up their own minds about very human things? The results can be entertaining, hilarious or just plain impolite.

It's an automated encyclopedia that brings together the best information from around the web on over 200,000 topics. Try searching for anything at all in the search box above. More information

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