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Topic: AK 74

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 Vital Stats
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Most admires:Lee Harvey Oswald,  Osama Bin Laden
Favorite possession(s):Gun,  Mace,  Wiretap kit
Dream job(s):Soldier,  Terrorist
Favorite book(s):The Koran
Favorite great leader(s):Georgi Dimitrov
Favorite religious figure(s):Malcolm X
Interest(s):Historical Reenactment
Favorite computer game(s):Hacking
Likes to wear:Colt 44 Magnum,  Army uniforms
Favorite sport(s):Hunting,  Bowling,  Paintball
Favorite movie(s):Full Metal Jacket
Membership(s):National Rifle Association,  Klu Klux Klan
 Expert Talk
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Borg Svemann,

AK-100 Bulgarian AK-74 Handguards set wallnut wood lower handguard and matching laminated upp.
Sarah Kennedy,
Fashion Model

On the creamy ivory field, natural (undyed) sheep's wool we have a very dominant AK-74 in the paratroop version.
Sveta Romanova,
Intelligence Officer

Later, the AK-74 displaced the AK-47 as the standard Soviet arm.
These are Kalakov AK-74s, the AK-47's successor.
John Carthy,
Gun Shop Sales Assistant

Information is available on the AK-47 , AKS-47 , AKM , AKMS , AK-74 and AKS-74 assault rifles, as well as the AKS-74U submachine gun and Dragunov SVD sniping rifle.
You will see a variety of weapons displayed on these rugs, but the constant is the Russian assault rifle, usually the Kalashnikov AK-47, and, rarely, the more advanced Kalikov AK-74 which is distinguished by its rusty red ammunition magazine which, when depicted on a rug will be colored in a range of reds, bright red to orange/red.
AK-47s, AK-74s, PKM machine guns, Dragunov sniper rifles, T-72 and T-62 tanks, and BMP-1 infantry carriers are all finely detailed, and look great.
Tony Howell,

CNN has been running some file footage of Osami bin Ladin in Afghanistan and in it there is often pictured a paratroop version of the AK-74 (hanging on a wall over his head), recognizable by its rusty red banana magazine.
Josh Hogan,

Early in the war the Soviets began replacing the AK-47 with the more advanced AK-74.
It was with the AK-74 that the Soviets moved away from the slow, heavy military round to the light fast round.
Jordan Jones,

Parts Sets for AK-47, AK-74, RPK, Krinkov, Dragunov and other AK Variants
Since then, the AK-47 evolved into the AK-74, which chambers a 5.
 User Talk
Comments from our users:
2008-06-11 07:07:43
Hi, I was thinking of purchasing a AK74 (the compact model). The price of a Bulgarian and a Russian made rifle are attrociously different so was wondering that how can one tell the difference if the stock is changed (so that a Bulgarian can be made to look as a expensive Russian model). Is there a difference in the weight and colour of the rifle or any other major distinctive difference? Thanks!
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