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Topic: Bio

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 Vital Stats
The Brain has inferred the following facts from reading text collected on the topic:
Favorite possession(s):Windows computer,  Xbox
Favorite website(s):IMDb - Internet Movie Database
Favorite actor(s):Mel Gibson,  Clark Gable
Favorite book(s):"Valley of the Dolls" by Jacqueline Susann
Favorite movie(s):Stand by Me,  The Sixth Sense,  12 Angry Men
Dream job(s):Bus Driver,  CEO
Listens to:Backstreet Boys,  Destiny's Child,  Savage Garden
Favorite type of dance(s):Ballet
Favorite TV show(s):Saturday Night Live,  Friends,  ER
Favorite quote(s):"Grove giveth and Gates taketh away." - Bob Metcalfe (inventor of Ethernet) on the trend of hardware speedups not being able to keep up with software demands
 Expert Talk
The Brain has selected interesting relevant sentences from the web. It automatically assigned them to some of our fictitious experts based on their personalities.

Steve Riggins,
Software Deveoper

There are two methods to programming graphics - using the BIOS functions or direct access.
They are implicitly called from routines that use BIOS services, such as printing characters to the screen or reading characters from the keyboard.
The BIOS binary file and flash routine are combined together and all you need to do is simply to run a single file to complete the flash process.
Nick Lazzaro,
Adult Webmaster

There are bios of famous groupies from Bobbie Brown (the Cherry Pie chick and now an informercial queen) to the awesome Bebe Buell and erotic thriller staple Shannon Tweed.
The site features bios of the girls and will soon have pictures and details of the group.
Pete Trengle,
Bass Player

Artist bios Those who know and love gospel-drenched soul music know and love The Holmes Brothers.
Bios for dancing Light members Kiki and Greg Webb.
Dave Simons,
Internet Entrepeneur

Bio's: Chris Coleman is the CEO of Daemon News, an Orem UT based company that specializes in supporting BSD Unix.
At BIOS each cylinder is remeasured with NIST traceable standards and certifying documentation is provided for each unit.
Dan Toomey,
Computer Salesman

System BIOS supports four IDE harddisk drives without device driver for S/W application, with the capacity of each harddisk to be larger than 528MB up to 8.
The BIOS on older systems with IDE (instead of EIDE) disks may only support the first 528 megabytes on each disk.
Computers which are not compliant with this specification often have a BIOS configuration menu which does not allow the selection of ECP or EPP mode for the parallel port.
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