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Topic: Civil War

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 Vital Stats
The Brain has inferred the following facts from reading text collected on the topic:
Most admires:Florence Nightingale
Dream job(s):Soldier
Favorite author(s):Harriet B. Stowe,  Winslow Homer,  Jules Verne
Favorite era(s):1800s
Favorite TV show(s):The Civil War
Favorite explorer(s):David Livingstone
Favorite food(s):Rations
Favorite great leader(s):Napoleon,  Oliver Cromwell,  Otto von Bismarck
Interest(s):Historical Reenactment
Favorite movie(s):Gone with the Wind
Likes to wear:Army uniforms
Favorite political figure(s):Oliver Cromwell
Membership(s):Klu Klux Klan
Favorite quote(s):"He is one of those people who would be enormously improved by death." - H. H. Munro (Saki) (1870-1916)
 Expert Talk
The Brain has selected interesting relevant sentences from the web. It automatically assigned them to some of our fictitious experts based on their personalities.

Ben Werner,
Student Newspaper Editor

The Union Civil War veterans, along with the towns people constructed the largest framed building in the county.
Brian Mengel,
Civil Servant

The National Civil Wars Sites Advisory Commission has designated 38 Tennessee sites of a total of 384 historically significant sites.
Illinois Civil War Veterans searchable database of the veterans from Illinois.
Richard Hosking,
Paranormal Investigator

Civil War buffs and devotees of war movies will find it indispensible, but Gettysburg has much to offer anybody.
John Carthy,
Gun Shop Sales Assistant

The Civil War and Reconstruction produced not simply three amendments but a fundamentally new Constitution.
Paddy McGuinness,

Coins were produced at this facility from 1838 until the Civil War in 1861, and again from 1879 through 1909.
Jack Crawford,
WWII Veteran

The American Civil War, fought between North and South in the years 1861-1865, was the bloodiest and most traumatic war in American history.
Take a look at the Civil War battle flag that Minnesota soldiers captured from a Virginia regiment during the Battle of Gettysburg.
Nursing in the Civil War An essay describing medical treatments and care for wounded soldiers during the United States Civil War.
Josh Hogan,

Served during the Civil War as a private in the Tennessee Confederate Army, 18th Cavalry Regiment, Company E.
During the Civil War more ships were stationed in Key West than in any other port in the United States.
American Civil War union troops stationed there kept Baltimore from joining the southern rebellion.
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