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Topic: Santa Claus Parade

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 Vital Stats
The Brain has inferred the following facts from reading text collected on the topic:
Most admires:Santa Claus,  Walt Disney
Favorite TV show(s):South Park
Favorite activity(s):Coloring in
Favorite book(s):"Dracula" by Bram Stocker
"Lady Chatterley's Lover" by D H Lawrence
"Devil's Dictionary" by Ambrose Bierce
Favorite movie(s):Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Likes to wear:Beard
Favorite sport(s):Bowling,  Dragon Boat Racing,  Canoeing
Favorite sportsperson(s):Mohammed Ali (boxing)
Favorite online activity(s):Sending greeting cards
Favorite time of year:Christmas,  Ramadan,  Thanksgiving
Membership(s):Local Chamber of Commerce
Favorite quote(s):
 Expert Talk
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Miguel Cortez,
Small Business Owner

See Santa Claus, floats, fire trucks and more in the annual Christmas Parade in downtown Paxton.
SANTA CLAUS PARADE - A float will be entered in the Barrie Santa Claus Parade this year.
The Steveston Lions Club will be holding the 28th annual Christmas Santa Claus Parade on the streets of old Steveston on Christmas Eve.
Nick Lazzaro,
Adult Webmaster

Santa Claus Parade '99 Click on Santa to see the pics.
Santa Claus Parade 2000 Click on Santa to see the pics.
Athena Mondale,
Spiritual Consultant

Come and see the Magic Parade with Santa Claus and Rudolf.
Phuong Nguyen,
Exotic Dancer

The weekend after Lisbon Hometown Appreciation Days brings Santa Claus to town and the Annual Parade of Lights.
Hometown Christmas parade filled with holiday lights and special guest Santa Claus!
Bori Gonbutoren,
Reindeer Herder

In past years we have also been involved in Santa Claus Parades in the villages of Havelock and Marmora and the Marmora Sled Dog races to name just a few.
Todd Porter,
Gym Attendent

John's Santa Claus Parade Hope everyone had fun in the parade, check out the images by clicking Parade Images.
The law does not equate the Pride Parade with the Santa Claus Parade: these events have completely different audiences.
I LOVE your performances as well you have become a FAVOURITE part of the santa claus parades up here!
 User Talk
Comments from our users:
2013-05-02 04:07:49
everything that I think every day. I'm such a bad mom. =( I have such little pacntiee when it comes to Jacob and Paul. =( But thank goodness for grace, huh? =P I miss your family~ And no matter what you say, I still think you're a great dad and Staci's a great mom. =)
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