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Topic: Spells Free Witch Craft

  History of Witch Craft    Craft symbol witch  
  Spell    Witch  
  Salem Witch Craft    Witch Craft Wicca  
  Craft    Free Witchcraft Spells Free Witch Craft  
  Salem Witch Craft Trials  

 Vital Stats
The Brain has inferred the following facts from reading text collected on the topic:
Personality:Spiritual,  Insane
Religion(s):Wicca,  Pagan,  New Age
Favorite board game(s):Scrabble
Favorite TV show(s):Charmed,  The Craft,  Sabrina
Favorite activity(s):Reading horoscopes
Interest(s):Role Play Games
Likes to wear:Vampire costume,  Ancient Egyption
Favorite movie(s):Harry Potter
Favorite computer game(s):Warcraft,  Diablo,  EverQuest
Favorite time of year:Autumn,  Halloween
Ultimate fantasy(s):Becoming a goth
 Expert Talk
The Brain has selected interesting relevant sentences from the web. It automatically assigned them to some of our fictitious experts based on their personalities.

Athena Mondale,
Spiritual Consultant

Powerful Witch Craft Wicca Spells, Love Spells, and more!
 User Talk
Comments from our users:
2004-11-06 23:16:20
If I have a candle for a spell but it is broken or not? or if it is long?
2005-04-10 21:21:25
what kind of spells can you use wit candles
2005-05-06 04:41:10
i need a spell to influence someone's mind!
2005-05-24 20:59:01
where can i get free witchcraft lessons
2005-05-29 04:18:59
my marriage is falling apart , i love my husband so much i dont want to lose him,i never felt his love he never expressed or showed it he never made me loved or that he cared for i just don't know
2005-07-09 20:26:39
i'm physically attracted to this guy and i can't stop thinking about him the problem is he doesn't know me and i have only seen him twice what can i do to call his attention.
needing attention
2005-08-27 18:00:18
theres this guy i meet before school start and i liked him now everyday at school i see.. and i want him to notice me in a good way
2013-06-12 14:46:35
i love my boyfriend so much im capable of giving up my whole life for him, i cried so much i had pain inflicted, i swallowed my pride and got on my knees and begged him, hes the only one i want to be with the rest of my life,i just found out that his ex baby mama just came out of rehab for doing drugs,either cocaine or heroin, turns out not only does he have a 4 year old daugher with her ,she recently has a newborn son with him also,i want to know if shes scheming something or manipulating him or us or me, his mother told me she has a history of breaking up his relashionships,if hes not with her no one else can have him, he was locked up in jail i think maybe a year ago or so, she hasnt been around since that period of time if she has hes told me shes taken off to san diego and now recently returned, shes done so much, they both have history, i need to unmask this woman ,because now she tried to befriend me on facebook,i tried looking her up apparently she either changed her last name or erased it,i love this man with every fiber being, its really killing me, any way or any certain spell or some kind of truth i can get out to get a little bit of closure
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