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Topic: David Lynch

  Lynch    David  
  King David    Merrill Lynch  
  David Charles    Henry David  
  David Wells    David Bowie  
  David Brown    Camp David  
  Star of David    David Jones  

 Vital Stats
The Brain has inferred the following facts from reading text collected on the topic:
Most admires:Edmund Hillary
Currently has on their coffee table:Entertainment Weekly
Favorite artist(s):Andy Warhol
Favorite TV show(s):Strangers with Candy
Favorite food(s):Chocolate cake
Favorite actor(s):Ewan McGregor
Likes to wear:Vampire costume
Favorite sport(s):Mountain climbing
Favorite movie(s):A Beautiful Mind,  Taxi Driver,  The Godfather
Listens to:Janet Jackson,  Moby,  David Bowie
Ultimate fantasy(s):Becoming a goth
Favorite type of dance(s):Tango
Favorite quote(s):"Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?" - H. M. Warner (1881-1958)
 Expert Talk
The Brain has selected interesting relevant sentences from the web. It automatically assigned them to some of our fictitious experts based on their personalities.

Steve Riggins,
Software Deveoper

Browsing music Love theme from David Lynch's "Twin Peaks", I sure like it Somewhere I have more MIDI and MPEG files and links that I will post here when I find out where I put them.
Athena Mondale,
Spiritual Consultant

Like David Lynch's 1986 " Blue Velvet ", "The Brood" exposes the falsity of the one thing most people weigh heavily in their lives - familial serenity.
Richard Hosking,
Paranormal Investigator

David Lynch's failed TV series Mullholland Drive is being turned into a feature film, with new footage shot just for the movie version, according to the Dark Horizons Web site.
The feature-length pilot of David Lynch's Twin Peaks ends with a bizarre scene that has all the hallmarks of a dream.
Naked Lunch , like David Lynch's Eraserhead , is open to multiple interpretations, but it can also be simply appreciated as a bird's eye view into alien territory.
Pete Trengle,
Bass Player

The dreamworlds created for Julee Cruise by David Lynch's lyrics and Angelo Badalamenti's music on Floating into the Night [Warner Bros.
This is Lynch's second collaboration with director David, producer Mark Roberts and Mario Lopez, having previously co-starred in Eastside.
Dennis Hopper sucks hellium in David Lynch's dark masterpiece.
Todd Porter,
Gym Attendent

Once I interviewed Michael Anderson, the midget from David Lynch's Twin Peaks, and he told me that he felt David Lynch was on their side and that he could understand.
Anita Ganesh,

We loved David Lynch's surrealistic, unpredictable, post-modern style as much as his characters Agent Cooper and Laura Palmer.
Both those who like and who don't like the movie can agree that David Lynch's DUNE stands out as a very original piece of science fiction cinema.
I saw David Lynch's movie version of Dune when I was younger and several times over the years before I even read the book.
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