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Topic: River Forest

  River    Forest  
  Forest Service    National Forest  
  Salmon River    Forest Park  
  Lake Forest    River Creek  
  River Rafting    Red River  
  Forest Hills    Rain Forest  

 Vital Stats
The Brain has inferred the following facts from reading text collected on the topic:
Currently has on their coffee table:National Geographic
Favorite activity(s):Birdwatching
Favorite explorer(s):Daniel Boone
Favorite animal(s):Elephant,  Wolf,  Tiger
Favorite royal(s):King Shaka Zulu
Interest(s):Camping,  Boating,  Geography
Favorite computer game(s):SimCity
Favorite sport(s):Bushwalking,  Canoeing,  Horseriding
Favorite destination(s):South America,  California
Membership(s):World Wildlife Fund,  Greenpeace
Favorite quote(s):"Nothing is wrong with California that a rise in ocean level won't cure." - Ross Macdonald
 Expert Talk
The Brain has selected interesting relevant sentences from the web. It automatically assigned them to some of our fictitious experts based on their personalities.

Brian Mengel,
Civil Servant

The river and landscape began to change as forests were cut down, agriculture became the prominent land use and dams fragmented waterways.
During River Forest's first decade, three additional full-time Constables were added and were most likely under the combined control of the Village and Township.
Neither forests nor rivers are to be found at the resettlement sites, and many oustees have been forced to take loans to provide necessities for which they previously did not have to pay.
Borg Svemann,

Forests are principally conifer and beech, with some ash and other species near the rivers.
Riverine forests occur along the major rivers from Itala Game Reserve to the Mocambique border and are represented by the Itala and Ndumu Riverine Forests.
Bori Gonbutoren,
Reindeer Herder

The monastery is settled in the picturesque valley of the Bistrica river surrounded by the mountains and forests of the Prokletije mountain range It is the largest and best preserved monastery from the Middle Ages in Serbia.
Forest covered mountain slopes with rivers caving through the valleys and villages consisting of bamboo huts situated on the banks keeps attracting an ever growing number of visitors.
Roaring rivers and mountain forests give way to lava flows and empty deserts as US-93 races across the inhospitable landscape of the Snake River plain.
Astrid Schuhmann,

Tantawanglo river and forests offer a spectacular mountain stream, panoramic views on the mountain road and stunning creek crossings will lead you to the picturesque Tantawanglo Creek.
Forest Service cabins are located at remote lakes, streams, rivers and on saltwater beaches.
This is a half hour bus ride followed by a ride in a raft on the Chilkat River that is surrounded by steep mountains and wildlife filled forests.
Mark Harris,

All forests constituted as such in our time shall straightway be annulled; and the same shall be done for river banks made into places of defense by us in our time.
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