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Topic: Human Rights

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 Vital Stats
The Brain has inferred the following facts from reading text collected on the topic:
Most admires:Kofi Annan,  Henry Kissinger,  Ruud Lubbers
Bad point(s):Criminal
Politics:Gay activism,  Feminist,  Religious right
Dream job(s):President of the United States,  Prison Guard
Likes to wear:Burqa
Favorite destination(s):Israel
Ultimate fantasy(s):Making the world a better place
Membership(s):Amnesty International,  World Vision,  Greenpeace
Favorite quote(s):"Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly
"A man is known by the company he keeps"
 Expert Talk
The Brain has selected interesting relevant sentences from the web. It automatically assigned them to some of our fictitious experts based on their personalities.

John Fielding,

Human Rights Watch will pay reasonable relocation expenses and will assist employees in obtaining necessary U.
Ben Werner,
Student Newspaper Editor

HUMAN RIGHTS The Coordinadora Nacional de Derechos Humanos is compiling information about human rights violations on election day which should be available soon.
Human rights organizations are experiencing extreme difficulties in documenting arrests as a result of the strict Israeli closure placed on the occupied Palestinian territories.
Human rights groups including Amnesty International and a wide spectrum of Palestinian political factions have condemned the arrests.
John Carthy,
Gun Shop Sales Assistant

Human rights advocates say new weapons may violate international laws banning the use of chemical or biological agents.
Jack Crawford,
WWII Veteran

Human Rights Watch reports that about 500 civilians were killed in Serbia by NATO bombs.
Josh Hogan,

Human Rights Watch says it has received unconfirmed reports of active support for different warlords by Iran and Pakistan.
Thomas Owens,
Police Officer

Human Rights Watch interviews with INS detainees and their attorneys indicated that in some instances detainees were informed of their right to a lawyer only after the FBI interrogated them.
Human Rights Watch also interviewed two detainees initially held as material witnesses and one charged with crimes.
Human Rights Watch understands that there is a legitimate privacy concern not to disclose personal medical records of detainees without their consent or the consent of someone representing their interests.
Bob Greenberg,
Congressional Candidate

Human rights are not derived from principles of democracy, they rooted in principles of justice and fairness and equality.
Human rights imply protection by law of our fundamental freedoms and of the entitlements we need for a decent standard of living.
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samuel hedges
2005-07-08 07:19:27
i was recently arrested and was wondering about the use of electric phasers pertaining to where on the body they are allowed to use them
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