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Topic: Philip II

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Favorite possession(s):DVD player
Most admires:Cleopatra,  Sir Walter Raleigh,  Julius Caesar
Favorite artist(s):Rubens
Favorite explorer(s):Hernan Cortes,  Francis Drake,  Christopher Columbus
Favorite great leader(s):Alexander the Great,  Georgi Dimitrov,  Hannibal
Favorite royal(s):Mary of the Scots,  Prince Charles,  Queen Elizabeth II
Favorite destination(s):Spain,  Europe
Favorite philosopher(s):Aristotle
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Ben Werner,
Student Newspaper Editor

That prompted King Philip II of Spain to charter soldiers and Jesuit missionaries to begin colonization of California to protect Spanish shipping.
Philip II moved his court to Madrid, which was but a village until this time, and proclaimed Madrid as capital of Spain.
Miguel Cortez,
Small Business Owner

King Philip II issued a land grant to Don Lorenzo Garcia to start the first official winery for the new world at the San Lorenzo Hacienda in Mexico.
Archbishop Montufar sent to King Philip II of Spain an oil painted copy of the image of Guadalupe.
Paddy McGuinness,

Many Celtic coins were derived from the coinage of Philip II of Macedon, the father of Alexander the Great.
Philip II of Spain, whose offer of marriage Elizabeth had refused in 1559, planned Spanish Armada expedition as reprisal against English raids on Spanish shipping.
Jack Crawford,
WWII Veteran

Philip II gained the Macedonian throne and thereafter transformed his traditionally disunited and weak dominions into a political and military power.
Philip II of Spain was of the first variety, as Barbara Tuchman recounts in her masterful history of catastrophically bad decisions: "Wooden-headedness, the source of self-deception, is a factor that plays a remarkably large role in government.
King Philip II of Spain decided to settle the question and put an end to English attacks on his ships by invading and conquering England.
Khalid Binalshibh,
Taxi Driver

Philip II, all-powerful king of Spain, ruler of a vast empire, patron of the Holy Inquisition, watches the condemned die.
Josh Hogan,

Learning the French were usurping lands he claimed, Philip II of Spain sent Pedro Men ndez de Avil s to oust the Fort Caroline settlement.
Philip II united Macedonia into one Homeric type of a kingdom and then he launched his Campaign to unite the remaining parts, the city-states of Greece.
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