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Topic: Judd Nelson

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 Vital Stats
The Brain has inferred the following facts from reading text collected on the topic:
Most admires:Eddie Murphy,  Jennifer Lopez
Personality:Spoilt brat
Currently has on their coffee table:FHM magazine
Dream job(s):Unemployed
Favorite TV show(s):Sex and the City,  South Park,  Saturday Night Live
Favorite era(s):1970s
Favorite movie(s):Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,  Terminator,  Aliens
Listens to:Country and Western,  Shania Twain,  Backstreet Boys
Favorite sportsperson(s):Mickey Mantle (baseball)
Ultimate fantasy(s):Being Dolly Parton's slave
Favorite quote(s):
 Expert Talk
The Brain has selected interesting relevant sentences from the web. It automatically assigned them to some of our fictitious experts based on their personalities.

Angela Berkley,
High School Student

" It sounds harsh and probing, almost criminal, but he's only quoting a movie to her, replaying the scene from The Breakfast Club where Judd Nelson's stoner asks Molly Ringwald's prom queen the same question, over and over again, in specific and embarrassing detail.
Bill Paxton plays the role of Gus with demonic glee and Judd Nelson as Marty Malt is totally believable as his extra arm comforts him.
Anita Ganesh,

You can post any Judd Nelson related FanFic there but I would ask that you be the author of the story.
Astrid Schuhmann,

Nelson, who, besides writing the Northwest hiking guide with Judd, is the author of the excellent book= "Snowshoe Routes, Washington," published by The Mountaineers.
David Rosenberg,

Bierman informs us that Judd Nelson and Jennifer Jason Leigh were potential leads in the film, but did not work out for various reasons.
John Fielding,

Nelson Human Resource Solutions, the largest independent staffing company in Northern California, today announced that veteran staffing industry executive, Sharon Judd, has joined the company as regional vice president for its North Bay NELSON operations.
NELSON, which opened its first office in San Rafael in 1971, said Judd adds a significant component to NELSON's position as the premier staffing and HR solutions provider to companies in Marin and Sonoma Counties.
Pete Trengle,
Bass Player

Kimmie's songs have been recorded by such stellar acts as Willie Nelson, Wynonna Judd, Trisha Yearwood, Amy Grant, CeCe Winans, Joe Ely, John Farnham, Waylon Jennings and Peter Frampton.
Phuong Nguyen,
Exotic Dancer

Norm, Judd Nelson, plays Marty Mall, bad comic/ garbage man/ nerdy loser/ human oddity/ boyfriend to Lara Flynn Boyle.
Judd Nelson, Sheedy, and Emilio Estevez did.
Philandering Alex (Judd Nelson) who works in politics and Leslie (Ally Sheedy) live together.
Shane Kelly,
Bar Tender

With the accumulated knowledge of McManus, Judd, Nelson and Harthorn, you can find out the best place to camp, hike, fish, snowshoe, paddle or work on your summer tan anywhere in the Northwest.
 User Talk
Comments from our users:
2005-04-16 15:46:24
Hello! It wanted to know if it is possible that you provide all the information of Judd Nelson to this direction:
Judd Nelson
2005-06-14 22:07:32
Is he Hot??
Judd Nelson
2005-06-14 22:08:31
Is he Hot?? OF COURSE HE IS!!!!...Especially w/ his long hair!!!!(back in the day)
2005-06-22 21:46:41
Is Judd Nelson married? To whom?
2005-08-13 15:03:26
how old are u
2005-09-20 01:03:51
If asked, would Nelson consider appearing in a New Jack City sequel?
2005-09-20 01:07:51
Will Judd EVER get married? What type of woman is he attracted too?
2005-10-24 17:49:47
is judd married? if he is to who? i think he is hot in the breakfast club! go judd!!!!
2006-04-22 01:58:47
i think he verrrrrry handsome... even at his age... wut woman wouldnt want him? they would have to love country though,
2006-04-20 21:40:31
Will you marry me Judd?
2006-04-19 09:12:25
Judd likes women like Raquel Welsh and Sophia Loren. (I've never been happier with my curves!) He is single and 46 odd years old.
2010-04-23 16:02:51
can you tell me which season of family guy did judd nelson lend his adorable voice to really wud like your help thanks.
2010-07-05 03:49:48
What his favorite animal?
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