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Topic: Ontario Labour Laws

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Ben Werner,
Student Newspaper Editor

The Ministry of Labour will continue to enforce Ontario laws to protect young workers.
There was a time when workers living in Ontario were covered by some of the most progressive labour laws in North America.
Brian Mengel,
Civil Servant

Labour law in Ontario requires unions and faculty associations to provide representation to their members.
Changes to labour laws have left Ontario with the worst employment standards laws in the country.
Ontario labour law requires a company to bargain in good faith and make all reasonable efforts to reach a contract.
 User Talk
Comments from our users:
J. Blackwell
2004-11-03 18:29:30
Is there a minimum number of hours you can be sceduled for on any given day?

2004-11-05 19:43:21
2004-11-05 19:44:51
Is there a minimum number of hours you can be scheduled for on any given day, if so is it differnt for food service?
2004-11-08 17:01:52
Just resigned from a company and gave two weeks notice. They advised me there is no two weeks notice anymore or even pay.

2004-11-09 11:24:53
when does a company pay overtime is it after 40 hours
Tammy L. Drew
2004-11-10 16:58:53
re: seasonal work I have a co-worker who is employed full time...he works all summer on lawncare, all winter on snow removal...and between seasons on other janitorial jobs....does this person get overtime for the "seasonal" work??
Wanda Deschamp
2004-11-11 13:26:11
is there a law that states if the employer has to pay you for clean up time after the normal work day is complete? If so then is there a time limit or can the employee just waste time to get paid extra?
Keeper K.M.Gumbo
2004-11-21 00:19:55
Raye McCullough
2004-12-01 09:08:03
Can an Employer deduct sick days from your pay? I have worked for the same company for over 18 years and resently I had to take extra time off to take my mother for radiation treatments. Now my employer says he wants to deduct time from my chequae.

2004-12-05 03:44:24
if you settled a grievance and it stated the warning and the incident will be removed from your personell file can they bring it up in the future.
Cyndy Dutkiewicz
2004-12-08 16:46:48
What are the current laws for Maternity/Parental Leave?
Yvonne Begin
2004-12-14 18:56:45
When someone starts with a company and takes a union position then when this union position is posted and they do not follow through on hiring does the person who has been doing the job for almost 3 years have full rights to this position.
2005-01-06 19:40:53
With the minimum wage going up, do employers add the 30 cents to what you currently make or do they just have to bring you up to 7.45 an hour?
2005-01-10 22:42:11
I have been employed for five years at a golf club. In the last year they paid me a salary of $41,000 for 8 months work. Now they want me to sign a contract to work 10 months for $44,000.
2005-01-12 13:00:53
Is the total Vacation Pay 2 weeks off paid after each 12 months of employment, regardless of the length of employment?
2005-01-12 22:28:46
I am a full-time employee with 34 hours a week with 1 hour lunch and 2-15min breaks during an 8 hour shift,the company pays for my two breaks but not for my lunch, I am now been told my lunch will be only half hour and my two breaks will not be paid by the company, so in total they will be subtracted. My question is: does not the company have to pay for my two 15min breaks in a 8.5 hour shift.
2005-01-24 22:59:10
my employer asked me to come in for training for free. is that legal?
2005-02-04 14:10:25
I am self-employed. My business is commercial cleaning. In april of last year, i paid $1000+gst to a well recognised cleaning company to source cleaning contracts that will bring $1000 gross every month for me.The contract state after 90days if no contract is source, i will be refunded without any deductions. Untill now they have not deliver any contract nor refunded my money. I will to know what are my option/s in the small claim court and whether i can sued for lost of income during that time. I am thankful for your advice and do look forward to your response

2005-02-13 11:25:36
how many breaks in a 12 hour day
2005-02-14 19:30:02
I was terminated from a job on Feb 8 and subsequently handed in my clean,pressed uniform the same day. This company pays twice a month on the 1st and 15th. I recieved my pay stub today and found that I was charged for my uniform and was only paid until the 31st of January. Do I have to wait for the rest of my pay until the 1st of March now? How long do I have to wait for them to reimburse me for the uniforms and when should I recieve my papers?
2005-02-26 23:44:54
is there such a thing as emenrgency time off and what is considered an emergency?
2005-03-10 18:13:34
I work as a driver driving people to and from their work stations all over Ontario. Sometimes we have to wait at the pick-up location and we are paid an hourly rate called "wait time". However, there is ONE pick-up point where 30 MINUTES FREE WAIT TIME applies and we (drivers) are expected to wait for the first 30 minutes WITHOUT pay. We don't think this is right and would like to know if there is a law that could force our employer to pay us for this first 30 minutes of waiting time.
2005-03-26 15:30:12
How long is a company allowed to keep you employed as part time, if they are scheduling you for 40 hours a week? Shouldn't they have to put you to full time.
2005-03-29 17:25:18
I work at Little Caesars St.Clair Beach Windsor,Ontario. Just today one of my co-workers(age 19) was fired for writing the time when he started and when he finished on his punch card. He was manager til the end of last year til the owner brought in a new manager for I don't know what reason. The new manager is 19 as well. Since he has started the both of them have not seen eye to eye. The thing I don't understand is that while he is being fired, there are others who drink and do drugs while working, or come in high or drunk and nothing is done. The new manager is also one of the people who partake in these activities. Also there is lots of theft, tils are constantly short. Something just doesn't make sense here.
2005-03-31 15:21:15
how long can a company keep you on for part time until they hire you full time
2005-04-27 21:07:28
do you have to take your vacation days each year or can you just get the money and work straight through
Karen Wright
2005-05-01 11:32:01
How many hours can be worked on a given day and is there a mandatory number at which over time pay is required?

2005-05-04 02:43:36
I work in Ontario and My question is during an 8 hour and 10 hour day, how many breaks should an employee get. Is it one 30 min lunch break? Thanks for any info or help
2005-05-04 08:15:09
if you work the night shift and are scheduled to work 8 hours, (10pm - 6am), can your employer send you home early at 3am without transportation, due to lack of work?
2005-05-12 09:29:58
is there a minimum of hours per day?
2005-05-19 09:37:21
Can you help me find information on Labour Laws for Canadian Students? Information on rights, wages, labours... please and thank you
mike m
2005-05-30 18:33:22
what are the dress code standards for working with septic tank waste handling
2005-06-08 18:27:34
Are you required to give 2 weeks notice to your employer before quitting / resigning?
2005-06-17 11:35:03
I am currently employed at a licensed restaurant. I make under minimum wage is that legal?
2005-06-17 16:48:57
Can an employer give you the reason of "without cause" as a legal excuse to dismiss you? Also, what exactly does that mean?
2005-06-18 14:31:41
Can an employer refuse you requested days off?
Claire Campbell -Williams
2005-06-24 11:48:09
I have been looking for information on foreign worker laws in ontario. I have some younger relatives working on a picking farm in Blenheim Ontario, where 90% of the workers are from overseas, on timed work permets and visas. They are all treated very porely working over 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, and making under 5 dollars an hour. What are there rights? It appears to me they are treated as if they have none.
mark a. blair
2005-06-25 11:51:19
Is there a maximium #of hours that can be worked in a 24 hr period. My wife works at a place that lets one person to work 2 shifts and then drive the clients to an other city. then return them All with out sleep. Their health and safty com. does not seem to be getting any where.
2005-07-25 20:12:09
I want to leave my present place of employment. My start date with this firm was January 17, 2005 to the present date (June 25, 2005)and am still employed. By law, how many weeks notice must I give my employer, or is it not necessary since it's been less than a year. A great opportunity has come up and I want to leave immediately. I don't want to make a mistake here, since some say you do have to give two weeks notice and some say they have seen the Employment Standards of Ontario website indicating no you don't. Which is it?
2005-08-17 22:01:06
What can employer do when his worker tries to get fired...and is using the system. What are my rights?

2005-09-02 21:07:54
can an employer give a bad reference to another employer about a past employee
2005-09-13 19:08:10
Are two weeks notice required for resignation by law.
2005-09-13 19:09:30
When resigning, is it required to give two weeks notice?
2005-09-13 19:11:11
When resigning, is it required by law to give two weeks notice?
2005-09-17 15:13:43
How many hours do I have to be scheduled for in 1 month to be considered part-time
Joanne Thomas
2009-01-13 08:34:30
A well known firm is starting a new empoloyment rule. if you leave early one day for being sick, the company is making you take the next day off also. Is this legal?
2009-01-30 01:02:28
Lets say you are a server at a restaurant and not all the items you serve the customer end up on the bill (for example, lets say the server forgot to add something). Is it legal for the restaurant to charge the server for those missed items?
2009-09-22 07:54:49
what are the rules governing ot pay? eg Sundays and State holdays
2013-05-31 14:01:32
if a company re hires you for a second time, if you get let go do you get severence pay for all the years you were there including the previouse years you were there
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