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Topic: Opra Winfrey

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 Vital Stats
The Brain has inferred the following facts from reading text collected on the topic:
Most admires:Princess Diana
Personality:Arrogant,  Loving
Favorite author(s):F. Scott Fitzgerald
Favorite TV show(s):Drew Carey Show
Favorite activity(s):Kissing
Favorite actor(s):Jerry Seinfeld
Favorite royal(s):Princess Diana
Likes to wear:Bridesmade's dress,  Bangles,  Ancient Egyption
Favorite movie(s):An Affair to Remember
Favorite online activity(s):Sending greeting cards
Favorite quote(s):
 Expert Talk
The Brain has selected interesting relevant sentences from the web. It automatically assigned them to some of our fictitious experts based on their personalities.

David Rosenberg,

Opra Winfrey calls about a spot on her show, but the Hoyts have a previous engagement.
 User Talk
Comments from our users:
Traci Jordan
2004-11-11 15:21:31
Hey Opra, My name is Traci my mom is in need for a big make over. She watches your show everday. She always wanted to be on your show. She would like to loose weight. Her husband makes fun of her weight. She also has hair on her face she dose not like. Please help her !!!!! Love, Traci Jordan P.S. If you get this you can call me on my cell phone it is (1217)821-8649,, Or my home phone (1217) 923-5393, In Greenup Ill,
Traci Jordan
2004-11-11 15:22:26
Hey Opra, My name is Traci my mom is in need for a big make over. She watches your show everday. She always wanted to be on your show. She would like to loose weight. Her husband makes fun of her weight. She also has hair on her face she dose not like. Please help her !!!!! Love, Traci Jordan P.S. If you get this you can call me on my cell phone it is (1217)821-8649,, Or my home phone (1217) 923-5393, In Greenup Ill, Her name is Tammy Reeder
musa tajir
2005-03-17 21:04:37
hi opra please help me i never ask any thing on my live any onecan i get help please for car down payment i can not get to work . god bless you,you rock. my phone is 416-245-5377 toronto canada please please please read,thank-you
Opra Winfrey
2005-04-18 20:49:02
what good things did she do
Dolores K. Boyd
2005-04-20 15:34:31
I would like to know how to contact Ms. Oprah Winfrey regarding helping our church in Philadelphia.
Dolores K. Boyd
2005-04-20 15:36:58
I would like to know how to contact Ms. Oprah Winfrey regarding helping our church in Philadelphia. My e-mail address is The name of the church is: Shiloh Baptist Church 2040 Christian Street Philadelphia, PA. 19146 Predominately senior citizens, located in a low income area of the city.
2005-05-02 21:10:15
Hi my name is Melissa, I live in a small town called Hemet cailfornia.I have an learning disabiltie an I was falsy accuse of theft at wal-mart even though they had no proof of this. I was locked in a room for 3 hours without an attorney and forced to wriet a confesscion.I wanted to waite for an attorney but thet threaten me and my family and would not let me leave.The police came and put the hand cuffs on me; they said I was not under arrest,but refused to let me take a lie detectar that I ASKED FOR AND DID NOT EVEN FINGER PRINT ME. I know you are not an attorney but I NEED your HELP in this, fighting them and I NEED a voice when I go to court MAY 18, 7:30 AM CALIFORNIA TIME. I NEED SOMEONE LIKE YOUR SELF OUT THERE FOR ME. The court wants me to come up with $1,7000 dollars or I will go to JAIL, I AM INNCENT AND DID NOT DUE THIS. I know you dont know me but if you or someone you know can donate at least $20 or anything you have. Once againg I'M just asking for an ACTIVIST TO HELP ME OUT TO GET THE WORD OUT OR COME DOWN TO HEMET CAILFORNIA TO HELP ME ON THIS. Please feel free to email me with any questions, PLEASE DON'T JUGE ME LIKE THE ATTORNESY DO IN THIS WOURLD. My email is thank you god bless
2005-06-01 07:10:11
Can u pls put the interier desine once a week 2 tell peopel house 2 decorate their houses with less costs and good taste
Beth Morris
2005-06-17 13:18:33
Hi Opra, I have a weight problem that I can't get rid of. I have hypothrodism and take medication, but the "fat" just won't coome off no matter what I do. To compound the problem I have a slight disability that keeps me from doing a lot of the exercise that help one loose. My money is tight and all the programs that I've looked into are very costly. HELP!! What can I do besides drink lots of water and walk. I don't eat "white" products and even use Stevia in most of my tea and such. I am a 58 year young person that just wants my slim body back not for just looks but for medical reasons also. I am just at my wits end. Sincerely, Mary Beth Morris P.S. By the way you are great and look fabulous.
delano nijman
2005-06-25 13:03:08
Why is it now that the rich country want to write off the dept of the very poor country,s
2005-07-24 22:15:48
Dear opra, My name is Lonnie, I have been married to my lovely wife kelly for almost a year and a half now. We wern't able to have the wedding we wanted because we wanted to have both her son's there. One was in Irac and only had about a week leave, so, the wedding saramony was done in the court room on a very hot day in July and everything was rushed. We haven't had a honeymoon because we can't afford it, and we still have a 9 year old daughter at home. My step son has gotten back recently from Irac and dosen't have to go back, thank GOD. We both work and are struggling hard to pay the house payment, the truck payment, and all the bills. Everything is about to be shut off.We are so afraid we are going to loose our home, but this is not what I'm writing about. I have always promissed my wife I would give her the best Honeymoon ever, but I just don't see how I will ever be able to do this, so I guess I'm asking for your help if possible. Is there anything you can do to help my wife have the best Honeymoon ever? Sincerley, Lonnie Ballard Please e-mail me something in response to my letter. GOD bless you Opra, and thank you for everything.
how do i e-mail ophra winfrey
2005-07-25 06:43:10
2005-07-25 10:18:38
Where do I send Oprah a letter of complaint?
2005-07-26 09:03:29
dear oprah !i need your help,because my life now got troubles,i want to suicide,but i love my kids,and i can not do it,please help me if you can help this poor woman,thank you so much,god bless you and your family.sincerely
Lorna Knaus
2005-08-24 03:34:30
My Point = To get Opras e-mail address so I can invite her to Anchorage , Alaska to a "womans think tank " meeting. Alaska, USA, World, partisapents.
2005-08-30 14:13:23
Could you e-mail me a transcript of your show 8/29/05. Thank you
ginger brocato
2005-09-04 01:07:16
dearest opera I have an ideal to help the people in new orleans but need to know how to get in touch with someone to help me need contact
Sandra Mitchell-lewis
2006-01-25 02:21:20
Ophra. Hi I think we may be related. and God has a reason for setting it up this was. I watch you with wonder and see myself. but reality and facts don"t add up. You are vital to my situation. and you must know all facts as they pertain to you.
Clarissa Draper
2008-03-21 08:13:14
Ophra. Have you ever considered having a childrens book club? I wrote and published an inspirational childrens story and I am sure there are tons of other very deserving stories out there as well to make a childrens book club feasible. Give it a thought. :-)
ali terry
2007-01-26 11:00:52
how do you stay looking young
2008-08-07 14:07:15
Hey Orpha, Herd you liked the organic gellato you tried. Now you need to try Napoli Boys Italian ice. It is all natural and is sooooo good you will love it!
2008-08-07 14:12:02
Let us know wher to send samples of the best Italian ice in the world
Sue Hayes
2008-12-09 08:50:55
I am at work and only have a second. I know that you are frustrated about your weight and so am I but I think that if you read the book "Change your brain Change your life by Dr. Daniel Amen you will begin to understand the brain and how it can be changed to help you loose weight. Dr Amen is the world's formost authority on attention def. and is well resprected by the medical field and does have the reputation that I look for when choose a doctor. You can google the brain place if you want to or amen clinics. Thanks for listening Sue
2008-12-18 18:14:03
hey opra my name is alisha i can sing do poetry act an do other stuff but all i do is practice at home writing my songs and stuff opra can you help me p.s i'm scared to come on your show so please don't tell me to and you shouldn't be embaressed bout your weight you are beautiful on the inside and out just beileive that and you will achieve
2009-01-02 03:11:15
Dear Opra, I really appreciate your good heart and soul, for giving the amount for poor people study in atlanta, I just saw in Indian local paper, so I thought to appreciate...God bless you for ever in your long life journey. I like you very mush in this good manner... Thanks & regards Ravi N +91 9849356828 India
2009-01-30 09:43:32
When I opened by email, pictured is the fake likeness of you and inviting us to take an IQ test to see if we are smarter than you. I tried it using some fake personal info---this didn't work, so I just closed up and didn't go any further. Have you endorsed this or is some company just advertising and using your name?
2009-05-14 16:01:43
Levon Gunn Ndaw
2009-09-30 22:47:17
Hello Ms. Opra Wenrey. I promise you I am down like JOB on the Bible. I now don't have nothing, no House, no car and no Bank account. This happen with this Divorce Man that stole everyting from me. I am a Nurse. I have now been Hired on for a job for one years now.I have been sick and with a Stroke, that man Hit me. I now don't have a company. Please Bless me with God's our Father Miracle so i can have money now. I promise you I am also a Gospel Singer, i have a CD with 8 songs. My first Singer is "LORD I NEED YOU". Please call me 901-531-0108. I have been Born in Mississippi also. I am now 53. Please help me Sister. I now you Graduate from the College Tennesse State UNiversy. Pleae call me I also want a job and a Movie or Gospel singers. Thank you , I do love you sister, I know God has moved you up. You are very Rich I pray everyday and Ask God for me a Miracle for money. Thank YOU
Levon Gunn Ndaw
2009-11-17 15:06:02
HellO; Oprah, please help me with God's our Father Miracle. I am a Registered Nurse for 25 years.I now have lost my companies:"Touch of CAre" and CaringTouchLLC. I have Divorce this fraud man that have stole everything from me. I am also a Gospel singer "LORD I NEED YOU". I have a CD with 8 songs. I also have a fine that does Gospel Plays, her name Is Devon Tate, she was like you born in Mississippi and i was also born in Mississippi. Please call me now:901-531-0108. I am now 53 years. Please help me sister Oprah Winfrey, I love you , God blessed you with this Miracle you are rich, I pray and ask our Father God to bless me also. I have been sick with a small stroke with this Divorce man, I now don't have a house, car and bank accounts, I now is tryig to get my Social Security Disability check, I promise i don't have money, please call me so you can hear me with this song: Lord I Need YOu" thank you please call me as soon as you can, Thank you
Levon Gunn Ndaw
2009-11-20 15:07:57
Hello Ms. Oprah, I do Love you, you a been rick Like God our Father, I now don't have a house, a car and money and a bank account with the Fraud Embellezment man i have Divorce in 2008. Please call me as soon 901-531-0108. I only have this cell phone with my friend, this cell phone will be closed when i don't have money to pay for it. I promise you I was a CEO of these two companies that a closed now with that Fraud man. I use to be welathy with that big House, cars, Bank accounts and the companies i had hired on a lot of people for this company "Touch of Care" foe CNS and Administration they are hurt now because this company are closed now. The company "CaringTouch LLC." is close with those men and woman whom I had a 12 cars for them to set up Menatl people to go to the Mental Clinic. That company is closed also. Please help me sister Oprah, I want you to here this Gospel song i have 8 songs with this CD's. This is my First song i wroter"LORD I NEED YOU". Please call me so you can here this, please Hire me on and help me I do have a friend that do "Gospel Plays. Please call me as soon as possible, I Do love you , you are a Good woman, Thank YOU
Levon Gunn Ndaw
2009-12-11 19:00:38
Hello MS.Opra, I was born in Mississippi. I move to Memphis when is was 4 years old. My mother and Father have been here in Memphis for years. I am now 53 y.o.I am a Gospel singer i told you. Please call me 901-531-0108. I want you to hear this first Gospel singer:Lord I Need YOu. I also have a unclar Willie McAlliter he is my Mother Brother I also know you Grauduit form Nashville,TN. My sister name is Bessie Gunn Gillar. Her Husband Bishop Rickey Gillar has Dide we were at His Funeral in May 16.2009. He was the Paster. Now my sister s a Paster. Please call me so i can travel to you sister Opra.
Levon Gunn Ndaw
2010-01-27 12:52:10
Hello: Ms. Opra Winfrey, I have many years for you to call me and set up me to travel to you. I promise me and you were Born in Mississippi. Please call me and let me see you. I know you was graduate at this college Nashville,TN in years please help me Ms. Opra, bless help me i promise i am a Gospel singer. I know you are a good woman, I know you and i Love God our Father. God want you to help me and Bless me now. Please call me, Sister i see you a lot of time on the T.V.Please Bless me with God our Father Miracle. Thank you
Levon Gunn Ndaw
2010-01-30 14:16:57
Ms.Oprah please call me , i have for many years to ask you to help me now. I was a Register Nurse for a company name "Touch of Care", I now don't have a company, i was a Nurse for 25 years, i now have been sick with a small stroke with the Divorce man, He stole everything from me. I don't want to be a homeless woman. I have not been hired on a job for January 2009. I want you to know i am a Gospel singer also, Bless call me so you can hear my CD "LORD I NEED YOU". I want to be with you sister cell phone is 901-531-0108. It is only with my mom whom is 75 y.0. she is the one that gave me the cell phone money for this cell phone. Please Bless me with our Father God , I pray everyday and ask God to help me with a Miracle now. Sister Oprah please help me and call me now. Thank You
2010-02-11 01:23:19
Hi Opra, I am really worried that my ex husband is going to get to move far away with my 2 children both age 13. We are devistated and I am trying very hard to represent myself in court. The problem is that he has a lawyer. I am not so sure that representing myself against an educated lawyer is a good idea. I don't want my children to love over 2000 miles from me. Please Opra, I will pay you back in payments if you will help me with my lawyer so she will represent me. I am running out of time. My papers are all filed and my court date is on February 26, 2010. I really need representation. Please help. I can give you my lawyers information if you are willing to help me and my children. Thank you so much for reading this. I am even willing to be on one of your shows if you ever have one about non-custodial moms and what we go through.
Levon Gunn Ndaw
2010-02-27 14:04:21
Hello again < Ms. Oprah i see you on the TV. Please call me again I want to travel to you, I only ask my Mother to give me a Ticket for some money so i can see you. Please call me 901-531-0108. I do have an Uncle that is In chicago,IL for 50 years.
Sister tippy fingers
2010-03-27 17:15:05
Help somebody,
manuela machodo
2010-04-13 20:35:10
hi loser ur show is bad but funny
Levon Gunn Ndaw
2010-04-15 22:16:53
Ms. Opra Winfrey, please call me i have call you for so miney time. I am a Gospel Singer. I do want a Gospel plays and singer. I have want you to hire me. I was a Register Nurse for 25 years. I now have not been hire on for a R.N. for 2008. I pray everyday and ask our Lord God Father to bless me with a Miracle rich money now. I have lost everything with the Divorce man. I now don't have a house, a car, a bank and money. please call me Ms.Opra. This is my cell phone that my Mom give it to me, 901-531-0108. Please call me Ms.Opra Winfrey. Thank you
Levon Gunn Ndaw
2010-04-29 22:57:07
Please give me some money now. I promise you i now don't have money, a House, a Car, a Bank. I have Divorce that man that stole all the money from me. I am a Gospel Singer. I do want to Hire for Gospel Plays and Gospel singer. Please send me some rich money. I have not been hire now for a job for June 2008. I have been a Registered Nurse for 25 years. I am down lie Job in the Bible. I now don't have the company"TOUCH OF CARE". Please call me now 901-215-7173. Ms. Oprah i was born in Mississipp. I am now 53 y.0. Now my Birthdate is May 27,1956. Please Bless me with Miracle money. I pray and ask LORD GOD FATHER to give me some rich Miracle money now. I have lost eveything with the Fraud Divorced man. He stole all my money on the Bank. Please Ms.Oprah Hire me for a job now. I do want you and i to do a Gospel plays and Gospel singers. I do have CD's with 8 songs. please bless me with money now. I have been calling you for many years. Please call me now.
Levon Gunn Ndaw
2010-05-10 19:56:34
Mrs. Levon Gunn Ndaw
2010-05-27 11:35:57
Ms.Oprah you send me the papers with your name on it. Please hire me on a job now. I do tell you this is my cell phone for you to call me now.901-215-7173.
Mrs. Levon Gunn Ndaw
2010-06-10 12:50:08
Ms.Oprah please call me now. I told you I am a Gospel singer with 8CD's. I now have the Divorced man that stole everything from me. i now don't have a House, a Car, a Bank and money. Please i told you i was a Registered Nurse for 25 years. I was a Gospel singer for 38 years. I was travil in different states for Gospel singers. I do want a you to call me now. 901-215-7173. I Love GOD that's in Heaven. Please help me and hire me Ms. Oprah for you for a job for me now. I do love you , Please help me now Thank you
Mrs. Levon Gunn Ndaw
2010-06-26 20:13:09
Ms. Oprah please call me now.901-215-7173. We was born in the Mississippi. I am a Gospel Singer is told you. Please Ms. Oprah hire me for a job now. I want to tell you what happen to me. please Bless me with our Lord God Father in Heaven. I now want a job. i now have no been a job for a Registered Nurse June 2008. I have been a Gospel singer for 30 years. Please hire me now Ms.Oprah for ajob with you
Levon Gunn Ndaw
2010-06-30 16:27:25
Ms. Oprah please call me now. I did told you i am a Gospel singer. I do want you to hire me now for a job. 901-215-7173. I do want to travel to you so you can see me. I told you i now don't have a House, a Car, A Bank, and money, The Divorced Man stole everything from me. I did told you i was a R.N. for 25 years. I now don't have a job for a Registered Nurse for June 2008. I now want to have a job with you for Singing and on the T.V. and Malove

2010-09-06 23:24:55
2011-10-10 15:33:45
I need money to pay my bills before friday.Will i get it this week.
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