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Topic: Organization for Women

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Favorite possession(s):Dildo,  Bikini,  Lingerie
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Favorite body part(s):Hair
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Favorite sport(s):Volleyball,  Rugby,  Lacrosse
Favorite online activity(s):Sharing jokes with friends
Favorite sportsperson(s):Venus Williams (tennis),  Steffi Graff (tennis)
Worst habit(s):Showing off
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John Fielding,

Such organizations are often the indigenous women's empowerment organizations which provide training, mentoring and child-care in addition to credit services.
Presentation services on women's healthcare issues are available for organizations and employers.
Brian Mengel,
Civil Servant

Many women's organizations object to the current reform on both the substantive content of the consultation document and to the process of consultation.
The women's program uses only nonprofit organizations as intermediaries; the minority program uses for-profit intermediaries as well.
Our women organizations are working to strengthen their scope of activities and affiliations both national and internationally.
Ben Werner,
Student Newspaper Editor

The Women's Republican Club of Richmond County is a grassroots political organization affiliated with the New York State and National Federations of Republican Women.
It is part of a large mobilization organized by the national women's organizations of Colombia in Barrancabermeja, one of the most conflict-ridden regions in Colombia.
A women's organization in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico which has undertaken a project of community education on the issue of domestic violence.
Zhang Xian Qian,
Ex-Olympic Swimmer

Ontario sport organizations will be encouraged to host their girls and women's sport championships, tournaments and events in the City of London in the year 2002.
Mark Harris,

LUTHERAN WOMEN'S MISSIONARY LEAGUE is an international organization that emphasizes spiritual growth and spreading the Gospel through missions.
The Women's Club is a social organization which provides all women of the parish an opportunity to share their spirituality in a group setting.
David Rosenberg,

Women's International Zionist Organization founded in 1920, involved in rescuing Jewish children and young people and giving them care and education in Eretz Israel.
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