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Topic: Ron Paul

  Ron    Paul  
  St Paul    Pope John Paul  
  Apostle Paul    Peter and Paul  
  Saint Paul    Paul McCartney  
  Pope John Paul II    John Paul II  
  Les Paul    Paul Simon  

 Vital Stats
The Brain has inferred the following facts from reading text collected on the topic:
Most admires:Al Gore,  George W Bush,  Hillary Clinton
Bad point(s):Greedy
Politics:Republican,  Democrat,  Conservative
Dream job(s):Mail carrier,  President of the United States
Favorite TV show(s):Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher
Listens to:Pearl Jam,  Jazz,  The Who "The Who"
Membership(s):Natural Law Party,  National Rifle Association
Favorite political figure(s):John F Kennedy
Favorite quote(s):"A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both." - Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890-1969)
"A man can't be too careful in the choice of his enemies." - Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)
"God, please save me from your followers!" - Bumper Sticker
 Expert Talk
The Brain has selected interesting relevant sentences from the web. It automatically assigned them to some of our fictitious experts based on their personalities.

Brian Mengel,
Civil Servant

You are cordially invited to attend Congressman Ron Paul's Public Lecture at the University of Texas Law School Auditorium.
Ben Werner,
Student Newspaper Editor

For this reason, Congressman Ron Paul introduced the American Sovereignty Restoration Act which will remove the USA from the WTO.
John Fielding,

Lizardo is Chief of Staff of Congressman Ron Paul of Texas and was previously the owner an d operator of his own political consulting firm.
Congressman Ron Paul of Texas has introduced legislation designed to curb the ability of the President or the Treasury Secretary to manipulate worldwide gold prices.
Athena Mondale,
Spiritual Consultant

Ron Nugent writes: "We are getting together at the 'Rez' and Chez Pauls, only these classy places will do.
Phuong Nguyen,
Exotic Dancer

Paul's cock was still pumping into my mouth, as Ron spread my engorged lips, and I felt my pink clit leap forward.
John Carthy,
Gun Shop Sales Assistant

In other words, they emulated themselves after the Honorable Congressman Ron Paul, the taxpayers' best friend and first pro-liberty candidate in office since Thomas Jefferson.
Thomas Owens,
Police Officer

Ron Paul's amendment buys 1-year reprieve from federal plan.
Josh Hogan,

Statement by Congressman Ron Paul upon introducing HR 3208, a resolution to stop President Clinton from initiating hostilities in the Persian Gulf.
Bob Greenberg,
Congressional Candidate

Ron Paul, former Republican congressman who was the Libertarian presidential candidate in 1988, is again seeking a congressional seat in Texas.
Congressman Ron Paul (Texas) resigns from the Republican Party and joins the Libertarian Party.
Just as it is harmful, no matter how honorable his motives, for Ron Paul to serve as a Congressman, so is it to participate, even in opposition, within the structure of a political party.
 User Talk
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