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Topic: Whitfield Pellet Stoves

  Whitfield    Stove  
  Pellet    Wood stove pellets  
  Pellet stove manufacturer  

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Favorite possession(s):House,  Gas oven,  Vacuum cleaner
Most admires:Santa Claus
Currently has on their coffee table:Better Homes & Gardens
Dream job(s):Interior decorator,  Social worker
Favorite author(s):Charles Dickens
Favorite activity(s):Trading cards
Favorite food(s):Peaches and cream
Interest(s):Camping,  Real estate
Favorite movie(s):Airplane
Favorite sport(s):Lacrosse,  Boxing,  Orienteering
Listens to:Queen
Favorite quote(s):"Be careful what you want; you just might get it"
"A doctor can bury his mistakes but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines." - Frank Lloyd Wright (1868-1959)
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Phuong Nguyen,
Exotic Dancer

WHITFIELD PELLET STOVES - Free Standing and Fireplace Inserts Whitfield introduced the world's first residential pellet stove in 1984.
John Carthy,
Gun Shop Sales Assistant

manufacturer of Whitfield Pellet and Gas Stoves in 1993,1994, and 1995.
Profile Pellet Stoves by Whitfield.
Billie Kirgan,

Shown above: Whitfield Profile 30 Pellet Stove with optional nickel trim and log set.
Rob Verdann,
Afterdark Removalist

Teton Rental is also the Jackson Hole dealer for Husqvarna and Whitfield Pellet and Gas Stoves.
Chrissie Tanner,
Homemaker and Mom

Whitfield Pellet Fireplace Stove in Family Room.
Whitfield pellet stoves are widely known for setting the standard in stove function and design.
Dan Toomey,
Computer Salesman

(only on select models below) shipping info FREE Shipping on all Whitfield Pellet Stoves.
Keiko Miyisawa,

Joe Borla Whitfield pellet stoves and barbecue grills.
WHITFIELD Advantage II-T PELLET STOVE Fireplace Insert w/shroud.
 User Talk
Comments from our users:
marc h.
2004-11-05 20:17:34
my pellet stove cuts off after about ten to fifteen minutes of use any ideas
2004-11-28 20:26:07
i have a whitfield optima 3-should thermostat be set for low or high burn? thank you
2004-12-03 13:26:05
How many watts power does the whitfield pellet stove use ?
2004-12-30 17:15:01
Our stve keeps shutting down the blower and then 5 minutes later it will come back on. We have cleaned it thoroughly and it still does it. What is the deal?
2005-01-10 18:29:03
is there a metal plate in front of the damper opening
2005-01-21 18:00:18
My stove works for several hours and then just shuts down. Why
2005-01-24 13:42:47
My stove makes a whisle sound and at the same time the blowers stops. This lasts for a few seconds then the blowers starts again and the whisle stops. This keeps repeating every few minutes. What is going on?
2005-02-12 10:25:13
I have a Whitfield Pellet stove that fires up great when i feed the pellets then push the ignitor button---will run till the time the fan is supposed to come on--then clicks and shuts the green light off and then goes out----but if I jumper the sensor on the firewall the blower runs full tilt even before I light it---there are 2 sensors on the firewall and 3 on the horizontal low behind the blower----help? I'm stumped
2005-02-12 11:01:15
my heat exchanger motor keeps pulse-sating.. I replaced the motor 3 mos ago any ideas
2005-03-23 23:21:34
I have a Whitfield Profile 30 Insert that has a problem similar to that described by Rick 2005-01-21 and Jeff 2004-12-30. Has anyone provided an answer? And where is a good place to get parts? I need the auto-ignitor.
2005-09-11 13:21:58
pellet stove doesn't seem to be getting enough air, is vented straight through the wall. After about two hours the pellets pile up. Also doesn't blow the hot air like it used to. Everything has been cleaned. Help! Winter is coming on.
2008-12-27 13:14:41
I have a 10 year old Whitfield Advantage II-T Pellet stove. My Room Air Blower went bad (with a low pitiful sounding hum) and I need to replace it. I was able to take the two front bolts from the mounting plate off, but when I felt around back for the other two mounting bolts, I discovered that the mounting plate is actually connected to the room exhaust housing, literally a 180 degree fold. And the exhaust housing is connected to the back face of the stove and covered with a bunch of rubberized silicon, making it close to impossible to remove. Any help would be appreciated. You can email me at
2009-01-10 08:22:40
where are the answers to these problems?
2009-11-29 17:15:16
my 4 year old stove isn't ligtning anymore. The ignitor doesn't seem t get hot enough. Is there maintance I could do or does it have to be replaced? Also, any problem with putting a little lighter fluid on some pellets in the burner tray and starting the fire with a match?
2010-01-11 13:52:13
I recently had a fire which went up the feeder shoot and caught the pellets in the storage unit on fire. Now it will not find pellets. Blowers work fine and red(auger) light comes on but no pellets are released.
2010-11-01 19:39:26
2011-01-24 12:15:09
I have much the same problems as the questions asked. How do I get the answers to the questions already asked? dan at
2011-01-31 11:45:39
why does auger stop turning after only 2 minutes
2011-02-19 17:34:19
Why is stove burning so black ? It was burning black only on onepart, the uper left corner - now there is black on everything ! I have stopped using the stove. The grate fills up with hard ash. We would have to shut off stove each day to empty the grate. Help !
2012-11-12 14:31:14
I have a Profile 30 (insert) that worked fine just sitting out in the open in the garage. I installed it in my existing fireplace hole and connected the 3" exhaust to my 8" chimney. I did use the 8" to 3" adapter, but now it seems it feed to many pellets. I tried to adjust the auger feed with the alabration button, but that didn't change a thing. Do I need to use jumper wires from the common to the auger hole to get that to work? Also, took it back out to the garage and it won't burn right out there either.
2012-11-13 17:29:30
We have a Whitfield, Profile 30 and it started turning off after several hours, now we turn it on and it runs for 10 or 15 minutes and then it turns off, will not start back up with out someone manually starting it back up. WHy is this happening. It has been cleaned and it is still happening
eugene facemyer
2013-03-26 14:31:41
fire is chocking out......not drawing enough air..........smoke will not go out stack........
2013-09-19 18:15:51
room air fan wobbles on high and not low, why?
2013-11-08 14:19:50
My stove works for several hours and then just shuts down. Why I have a whitfield Traditions T300p
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