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Topic: Words That Rhyme

  Words    Rhyme  
  Words that end in GRY  

 Vital Stats
The Brain has inferred the following facts from reading text collected on the topic:
Most admires:Eminem,  Tupac Shakur,  Robert Frost
Favorite possession(s):Dictionary
Personality:Witty wit humor
Currently has on their coffee table:Parenting magazine
Education:Elementary school
Favorite author(s):Roald Dahl
Favorite TV show(s):Strangers with Candy
Favorite activity(s):Writing stories
Likes to wear:Hip hop gear
Favorite movie(s):8 mile
Listens to:Hip Hop,  Nelly,  Wu-Tang Clan
Favorite sportsperson(s):Mohammed Ali (boxing)
Favorite type of dance(s):Break dancing
Favorite quote(s):"Criticism is prejudice made plausible." - Henry Louis Mencken (1880-1956)
"A witty saying proves nothing." - Voltaire (1694-1778)
 Expert Talk
The Brain has selected interesting relevant sentences from the web. It automatically assigned them to some of our fictitious experts based on their personalities.

Steve Riggins,
Software Deveoper

Lexical FreeNet - Toolbox that allows you to search for rhymes and relationships between words and concepts.
Lexical FreeNet - this program allows you to search for rhymes and relationships between words and concepts that might never have occurred to you.
It's complete with word games and a search tool that allows you to look for parts of words - really helpful when you're looking for rhymes.
Luigi Pascioni,
Auto Mechanic

If you've ever struggled to conjure a word that rhymes with another, you've just struck poetic gold!
Paddy McGuinness,

There is no word in the English language that rhymes with orange.
Tony Howell,

Whether you're looking for guitar tabs, which effects processors to use, or a word that rhymes with elephant.
Anita Ganesh,

Words That Rhyme and Flow - poetry and prose to touch your heart and ofttimes stir something deep inside.
Through the wide use of poems and rhymes, children are developing a good awareness of words that sound the same, and the pattern of word endings.
Your child learns that words can be fun with this humorous book of rhymes that is filled with wonderful illustrations of zoo animals.
Jordan Jones,

Find rhymes: This function will return words that rhyme with the word you typed in.
Notice that the last word in the second line, "monkey," rhymes with the last word in the fourth line, "funky.
Slang in which the word intended is replaced by with a phrase that rhymes with it, the rhyming word is then dropped and becomes understood.
 User Talk
Comments from our users:
2005-02-28 09:38:45
What rhymes with monkey. I am looking for a an action word.
2005-05-02 21:48:42
What words rhyme with return
2005-05-05 18:40:34
what are some words that rhyme with MOM besides bomb and palm
2005-05-31 21:29:13
heres my phrase. to ride this road we seem to call life, one shot at a time. but life and time need to rhyme what two words that make sence in this poem can i put there?
sam ( to help people above me)
2005-05-31 21:31:05
take the alphabet and wriet it on paper then rhyme your word with to every letter on the page and you will eventually find one you like
some1 with a question
2005-09-03 23:16:10
What rhymes with favorite?
2008-07-06 11:18:39
What rhymes with Jordyn?
2008-11-18 17:19:43
Yeah i need to know what rhymes with JORDAN as well im doing a limerick so far ive got There once was a man called Jordan He was the master of boredom he liked being mean and LOVED to be seen _____________________ that line at the end is the line i need PLZ HELP
2009-02-07 18:05:21
what rhymes with Prejudice? I need to create a slogan that will match with Prejudice and rhyme with it.
2009-03-04 04:16:35
2009-06-09 08:08:31
for Jordan, us the word warden (basically means sheriff)
2009-09-30 15:04:16
what rymes with every
2010-04-21 19:41:24
hey i'm trying to write a lyric poem and I was wondering, what rhyms with posession? My poem so far is: I will love you till the last rose dies. Your eyes will never water for I have told a lie, one of the roses in your posession, -----------------------need help with this line!
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