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Topic: Tony Stewart

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 Vital Stats
The Brain has inferred the following facts from reading text collected on the topic:
Favorite possession(s):Baseball cap,  Motorcycle
Most admires:Winston Churchill
Currently has on their coffee table:Car and Driver magazine,  WWF magazine
Dream job(s):Truck driver
Favorite board game(s):Monopoly
Favorite TV show(s):Live! With Regis and Kelly
Favorite activity(s):Watching Sport on TV,  Trading cards
Favorite book(s):1984 by George Orwell
Favorite great leader(s):Winston Churchill,  Neville Chamberlain,  Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Favorite sport(s):Motor car racing
Favorite movie(s):Forrest Gump
Likes to wear:Baseball cap
Listens to:Billy Gilman
Favorite quote(s):"There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home." - Ken Olson, president, chairman and founder of Digital Equipment Corp., 1977
 Expert Talk
The Brain has selected interesting relevant sentences from the web. It automatically assigned them to some of our fictitious experts based on their personalities.

Pete Trengle,
Bass Player

Fans can also meet NASCAR Speedpark spokesmen Dale Jarrett, Rusty Wallace and Tony Stewart when they make annual appearances at the park.
Tony Stewart is the Real Deal Never before had a rookie come on the scene and been so impressive and consistent.
Keith Tennant,
Factory Worker

But the biggest winner on the day was Tony Stewart, who clinched his first NASCAR Winston Cup championship with an 18th-place finish.
Reigning NASCAR Winston Cup Series champion Tony Stewart has declined an invitation to compete in the 2003 IROC Series.
Dale Jarrett clinched the NASCAR Winston Cup championship and Tony Stewart proved that he is a champion in waiting.
Jake Farley,
Truck Driver

Tony Stewart 2003 Chevy Home Depot Driver's Uniform with Tony's signature etched on a plate.
Tony Stewart started last season by flipping his Pontiac down the backstretch in a wreck at the Daytona 500.
Tony Stewart NASCAR pedal car.
Shane Kelly,
Bar Tender

When Tony Stewart recently won the NASCAR Winston Cup Championship, there were a lot of people out there that were simply amazed.
Tony Stewart It is fitting that the NASCAR champion should be ranked #1 right now after his steady 2002 performance.
Craig Leveaux,

There was very little drama in this race though as Tony Stewart easily out distanced the field to qualify for the Winston.
EVERYONE who is ANYONE at a NASCAR race knows that Tony Stewart is (was) a hothead.
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