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Topic: Tony the Tiger

  Tony    Tiger  
  Tony Blair    Tiger Woods  
  Tony Award    Tiger Eye  
  Tiger Cub    Tony Hawk  
  White Tiger    Tiger Cat  
  Tony Stewart    Tony Bennett  

 Vital Stats
The Brain has inferred the following facts from reading text collected on the topic:
Favorite possession(s):Care bears,  Baseball cap
Favorite TV show(s):The Ozbournes,  Sesame Street
Favorite activity(s):Coloring in
Favorite food(s):Cornflakes,  Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
Favorite cartoon character(s):Bugs Bunny
Favorite animal(s):Tiger,  Tiger
Likes to wear:Skater clothes,  Baseball cap
Listens to:Cher,  Billy Gilman
Ultimate fantasy(s):Starting life again as a baby
Favorite time of year:Christmas
Favorite quote(s):"Well done is better than well said." - Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)
 Expert Talk
The Brain has selected interesting relevant sentences from the web. It automatically assigned them to some of our fictitious experts based on their personalities.

Zhang Xian Qian,
Ex-Olympic Swimmer

Santiago is the first Tigers player elected to the team since Tony Clark in 1996.
Pete Trengle,
Bass Player

The Gr-r-reat Tony the Tiger Awards program continues the Tony the Tiger tradition of supporting and inspiring kids to be their best.
Kellogg is kicking off The Gr-r-reat Tony the Tiger Awards program to celebrate the 50th birthday of Tony the Tiger
Adults and kids will both join the Tony the Tiger birthday celebration by participating in The Gr-r-reat Tony the Tiger Awards.
Keith Tennant,
Factory Worker

ABS Presort Kellogg's Racing Team NASCAR #5 Kellogg's Tony the Tiger.
Rob Verdann,
Afterdark Removalist

PLUS 25 Kellogg's Tony the Tiger Fun CD Roms to give away.
Paddy McGuinness,

Surely one of the most popular cereal characters in British history, Tony The Tiger is the colourful, friendly spokescat for Kellogg's Frosties.
Sasha Prevette,
Kindergarten student

Well,I just finished watching Renee's Video,and to quote Tony the Tiger(My favorite cereal by the way.
check out Tony's Team Tiger, play interactive games and download cool stuff.
The "Grinch" singer and voice of Tony the Tiger is a charming man named Thurl Ravenscroft.
Jordan Jones,

In the words of Tony the Tiger, I think they're gonna look "GRrrrrrreat!
Bob Greenberg,
Congressional Candidate

They are incorporating Tony the Tiger and Ernie the Elf in their marketing campaigns to attract children and families to the event.
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