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Don't know the answer? You obviously haven't Asked The Brain!

AskTheBrain is the world's first computer generated encyclopedia. All vital stats information has been inferred based upon text on the subject.

The AskTheBrain engine has worked tirelessly for months, turning mindless web data into extremely powerful relevant information. Or maybe vice versa. The result is one of the largest encyclopedias out there with over 200,000 entries. Our servers have gone where those stuffy shelf-fillers fear to tread, giving netizens the information they really need. We cover topics like, well, pretty much anything!

How does it work? Well you could say it's like a generic summarising tool. Not only does it scrape the web for the most relevant information from a variety of perspectives, it infers facts that it has not explicitly read.

Sounds great. But it doesn't always yield correct results - often the very opposite is true. But the conclusions it reaches are often highly relevant and compelling to the user. This makes for amusing and often insightful reading. Things can make sense in a very human, lateral way.

The experts are, of course, all fictional. But they each have their own unique perspective on any given topic.

It all adds up to a new generation of computing. The 20th century was all about computers processing business information and taking people's jobs. This century, they're gonna chill out. They'll be more sitting back, telling jokes and making us laugh.

Now, isn't that what we all want for our children?

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